Wojciech Giertych, O.P.


Date and place of birth: 27 September 1951, London, Great Britain
Priestly ordination: Friar of the Polish Province of the Dominican Order, since 15 August 1976; Priest, 20 June 1981
Appointment to the Academy: 24 June 2006
Scientific discipline: Moral theology
Academic title: Professor; Theologian of the Papal Household 

Academic awards and distinctions
Socius of the Master of the Dominican Order for Eastern Europe, 1998-2002. Socius of the Master of the Dominican Order for Intellectual Life, 2002-2005. Theologian of the Papal Household since 2005.

Academic background
M.A. in History (Poznan´, Poland, 1975); License in Theology (PUST, 1983); Doctorate in Theology (PUST, Rome, 1989); Professor of Moral Theology in Dominican House of Studies in Kraków, Poland, since 1984; Formator in Dominican House of Studies in Kraków, Poland, 1983-1994; Professor of Moral Theology at PUST since 1994.

Summary of scientific research
My main interests have been in spiritual and moral theology, with a particular focus on the fundamentals of moral theology, understood primarily on the basis of the Ia-IIae of the Summa of theology of Aquinas. Since my doctoral dissertation, I have focused on the primacy of the grace of the Holy Spirit within Christian liberty and moral action.

Main publications
The New Law as a Rule for Acts, (Rome, 1989), p. viii+290; Malchusowe ucho, [The Ear of Malchus] (Kraków: Kairos, 2000), p. 230; Rachunek sumienia teologii moralnej, [The Examination of Conscience of Moral Theology] (Kraków: Wydawnictwo M, 2004), p. 245; Jak z˙yc´ l⁄aska˛? [How to Live by Grace?] (Kraków: Wydawnictwo M, 2006), p. 352. 


Theologian of the Papal Household
Palazzo Apostolico
00120 Vatican City

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