The truth about God, and its relevance for a good life in society


Proceedings of the XI Plenary Session on The truth about God, and its relevance for a good life in society
17-19 June 2011 (Vatican City, 2012)
192 pp., ISBN 978-88-88353-18-8


Word of Welcome
Msgr. Prof. Lluís Clavell President of the Academy

The Relationship Between the Human Inclination ‘ad hoc veritatem cognoscat de Deo’ and ‘ad hoc quod in societate vivat’
Prof. Terence Kennedy

On ‘Natural Virtue’ According to Aristotle and St Thomas, in Comparison with Kant
Prof. Horst Seidl

The Distinctiveness of the Natural Inclinations Proper to Man in Summa theologiae 1-2.94.2
Prof. Stephen L. Brock

Inclinación natural a conocer la verdad acerca de Dios (ST I-II 94, 2c)
Prof. Ricardo Ferrara

Man’s Need to Know the Ultimate Cause of all Things
Prof. Charles Morerod

The Natural/Supernatural Distinction and its Connection with Man’s Natural Inclination to Know the Truth About God
H.Em. Card. Georges M.M. Cottier

Religion and Science as Inclinations Toward the Search for a Global Meaning
Prof. Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

Social Virtues and the Common Good
Prof. John M. Finnis

Panel Discussion on the Nature of the Political Good
Prof. John M. Finnis, Prof. Lawrence Dewan, Prof. Russell Hittinger

The Secular State and Religion’s Contribution to the Good Society
Prof. Vittorio Possenti

The Natural and the Historic in the Determination of Social Morality
Prof. Maria Celestina Donadío Maggi de Gandolfi

Culture and Religion
Prof. Angelo Campodonico

Religion and Society in a Secularized Age
Msgr. Peter B. Wells

Concluding Remarks
Prof. Lluís Clavell and Prof. Russell Hittinger


XI Plenary Session

XI Plenary Session 17-19 June 2011 – After the ninth plenary session of the Academy, it was decided... Read more

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