The Human Animal: Procreation, Education, and the Foundations of Society


Proceedings of the X Plenary Session on The Human Animal: Procreation, Education, and the Foundations of Society L'Animale Umano: Procreazione, Educazione e le Basi della Società
18-20 June 2010 (Vatican City, 2011)
186 pp., ISBN 978-88-88353-17-3


Saluto di benvenuto • Word of Welcome
Presidente dell’Accademia • President of the Academy
Mons. Prof. Lluís Clavell

Commento introduttivo • Opening Remarks
Prof. Russell Hittinger

The Historical Basis of S.T. I-II, q. 94, art. 2: The Aristotelian Notion of Nature as a Generation Principle
Prof. Enrico Berti

The Inherent Potency to Evolve Reflects a Natural Law that is pertinent to all living organisms
Prof. Werner Arber

The Soul and Its Inclinations: Recovering a Metaphysical Biology with the Systems Perspective
Rev. Prof. Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, O.P.

La educación, una segunda generación?
Prof. Enrique Martínez

The Spiritual Dimension of the Sense Appetites
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hütter

Participación del dinamismo emocional en la función de la prudencia
Prof. Maria Celestina Donadío Maggi de Gandolfi 

How Like an Angel? The Human Animal and the Imago Dei in Thomas Aquinas
Prof. John O’Callaghan

ST 1-2.94.2 e la legge naturale
Prof. Kevin Flannery

Modern Criticism on the Traditional Natural Right. A Contribution to its Refoundation from the Sources in Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas
Prof. Horst Seidl

Concluding remarks
Prof. Lluís Clavell and Prof. Russell Hittinger


X Plenary Session

X Plenary Session 18-20 June 2010 – Appreciative of Pope John Paul II’s designation of Thomas... Read more

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