Religion and Religions. A Thomistic Look


XV Plenary Session 19-21 June 2015 – The importance of inter-religious dialogue in the perspective of the new evangelization requires a renewed philosophical and theological reflection on the nature of “religion” as a personal approach and/or social on the “gods” and the human value and maybe saving of religions non-Christian from the point of view of the faith and Catholic theology.

On these two points, the thought of St. Thomas can help clarify the issues and to provide the debate. The XV Plenary Session of the PAST intends to continue on two purposes: to understand the thought of St. Thomas on the issue of religion and religions in their historical and doctrinal in order to apply the processes of the Thomistic principles of a contemporary theology of religions.


2015 Proceedings

Proceedings of the XV Plenary Session on Religion and Religions. A Thomistic Look | Religione e... Read more

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