• XV Plenary Session

    XV Plenary Session 19-21 June 2015 – The importance of inter-religious dialogue in the perspective of the new evangelization requires a renewed philosophical and theological reflection on the nature... Read more
  • XIV Plenary Session

    XIV Plenary Session 20-22 June 2014 – Following the Academy’s tradition of studying the topics that the Holy Father believes to be important for the individual moments of the Church’s life, we... Read more
  • XIII Plenary Session

    XIII Plenary Session 21-23 June 2013 – Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the Year of Faith with the Apostolic Letter given Motu Proprio Porta fidei, dated 11 October 2011. He wrote: «We want this... Read more
  • XII Plenary Session

    XII Plenary Session 29 June - 1 July 2012 – The Blessed John Paul II changed the course of his- tory on a par with Gregory the Great and Leo the Great. Not only did He free Europe from the... Read more
  • XI Plenary Session

    XI Plenary Session 17-19 June 2011 – After the ninth plenary session of the Academy, it was decided to dedicate two plenary sessions to the consideration of ST 1-2.94.2. The tenth plenary session... Read more
  • X Plenary Session

    X Plenary Session 18-20 June 2010 – Appreciative of Pope John Paul II’s designation of Thomas Aquinas as Doctor Humanitatis, and in obedience to his commission to ‘develop further this part of... Read more
  • IX Plenary Session

    IX Plenary Session 19-21 June 2009 – DEL AÑO PAULINO AL AÑO SACERDOTAL. La Sesión Plenaria de la Pontificia Academia de Santo Tomás se celebra de ordinario en el último fin de semana... Read more
  • VIII Plenary Session

    VIII Plenary Session 20-22 June 2008 – Eminenze ed Eccellenze Reverendissime, e Voi tutti colleghi e membri della Pontificia Accademia di San Tommaso d’Aquino, il mio saluto cordiale e il mio... Read more
  • VII Plenary Session

    VII Plenary Session 22-24 June 2007 – The topic of the encounter of Christianity and the Greco-Roman tradition as the root of Western culture and its openness to the universal was chosen because of... Read more
  • VI Plenary Session

    VI Plenary Session 23-25 June 2006 – Most Reverend Eminences and Excellencies, and all of you colleagues and members of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas, I greet and thank you cordially for your... Read more
  • V Plenary Session

    V Plenary Session 24-26 June 2005 – Most Reverend Eminencies and Excellencies, and members of the Pontifical Academy of St Thomas, I welcome and thank you for your presence here at this Fifth... Read more
  • IV Plenary Session

    IV Plenary Session 25-27 June 2004 – “Metaphysics should not be seen as an alternative to anthropology, since it is metaphysics which makes it possible to ground the concept of personal dignity in... Read more
  • International Congress

    Since the beginning of 2002, the Pontifical Academy of Saint Thomas and the Thomas Aquinas International Society, have been jointly preparing an International Congress which will take place in Rome,... Read more
  • III Plenary Session

    III Plenary Session 21-23 June 2002 – Reverendissimo Presidente, Eccellenza Reverendissima, Illustri Accademici, sono lieto, ed onorato, di partecipare a questa III Sessione Plenaria della... Read more
  • II Plenary Session

    II Plenary Session 22-24 June 2001 – In occasione della seconda Sessione Plenaria della Pontificia Accademia di San Tommaso d’Aquino sul tema “il dibattito contemporaneo sulla Verità”, desidero... Read more
  • I Plenary Session

    I Plenary Session 22-23 June 2000 – Le mie prime parole sono di cordiale saluto agli illustri accademici presenti e di gratitudine per il Santo Padre, che ha ideato il rinnovamento dell’Accademia di... Read more



Proceedings of the XI Plenary Session on The truth about God, and its relevance for a good life in... Read more

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