• Carry out research, explain and disseminate the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas

• Propose St Thomas Aquinas as a model Christian teacher, seeker of truth, lover of good, and scholar of all learning

• Be at the service of all the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas in accord with the Christian tradition and the Magisterium of the Church, especially as set out in the encyclicals Aeterni Patris and Fides et Ratio

• Explain, in as much as this is possible, the mystery of health and the analogical connections between its internal articles of faith according to the thinking of St Thomas Aquinas; honouring, thereby, at the same time, his title, Doctor Communis

• Encourage interaction between faith and reason, and foster increasing dialogue between the sciences, philosophy, and theology

• Co-operate with the members of other Academies in a friendly spirit to promote Christian philosophy and theology

• Recognise excellence in Thomistic philosophy and theology

• Stimulate international interaction between scholars of St Thomas Aquinas and his work

• Further the role of Thomistic thought in society

• Promote education in Thomist studies and the public’s understanding of the ideas of St Thomas Aquinas

• Encourage research into the work and thought of St Thomas Aquinas.



Art. I. Academiae nomen est: Pontificia Academia Sancti Thomae Aquinatis. Art. II. Academiae... Read more

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