Eudaldo Forment


Date and place of birth: 27 November 1946, Barcelona, Spain
Appointment to the Academy: 28 May 1992
Scientific discipline: Philosophy, Metaphysics
Academic title: Professor of Metaphysics

Academic awards and distinctions
Professor of Metaphysics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona; Vocal of the Executive Patronage of the ‘Fundación Balmesiana’ (Barcelona); Vocal of the Board of Directors of the ‘Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval’ (SOFIME); Member of the Academic Council of the International University of Catalonia; Academic adviser of the University Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid; Director of the philosophy journal Espíritu of the Fundación Balmesiana (Barcelona); Assistant director of the Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval (Zaragoza) of SOFIME; Member of the Editorial Council of the journal Actualidad Bibliográfica of the Fundamental Theology Institute of the Theology Faculty of Catalonia; Member of the Advisory Council of the In Itinere. Publicación de estudios interdisciplinarios of FASTA University, Mar del Plata, Argentina; Member of the Scientific Council of the Journal Sensus Communis. Studi e ricerche di logica aletica, Rome; ‘Prix Georges Bastide de Philosophie’ (France), 1998; ‘Medaille Fermat’ of the ‘Academie de Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-lettres’ of Toulouse; Honorary member of the ‘Sociedad Católica Mexicana de Filosofía’; ‘Membre Correspondant Etranger’ of the ‘Societé Touloussaine de Philosophie de Toulouse’; Honorary Professor at St. Thomas Aquinas University of Santiago, Chile; Honorary Citizen of FASTA (Fraternidad Agrupación Sociedad Santo Tomás de Aquino), Argentina; Extraordinary Honorary Professor at FASTA University, Mar del Plata, Argentina; Extraordinary Professor at Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum, Rome; Extraordinary Professor at Anáhuac del Sur University, Mexico; Extraordinary Professor at Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid; Extraordinary Professor at UCIME (University Center of Mexico City); and Extraordinary Professor at Simón Bolívar University, Mexico.

Summary of scientific research
Professor Forment was educated in the Thomist school of Barcelona, and was a disciple of Professor L. Cuéllar, Professor F. Canals and Professor A. Lobato, O.P. Since 1971, in parallel with his teaching, he has engaged in a constant and intense research activity, centered almost exclusively on metaphysical subjects. A first line of research has been the metaphysics of the person. Some studies are dedicated to some questions and problems relating to ontology and others of natural theology belong to a second line of research into metaphysics in general. The third and last line of research is also metaphysics, but of a historical character because it refers to the study of contemporary metaphysics, especially neoThomist metaphysics. The results have been published in 18 books, 41 joint books, 185 articles in reviews all over the world, 65 papers in national and international congresses, 91 studies in other publications, 20 prologues of philosophy books, and almost 2000 reviews. He has also directed 30 thesis of Philosophy.

Main publications
Fenomenología descriptiva del lenguaje, Barcelona, Condal Editora, 1981; 2ª ed. expanded: Barcelona, Promociones Publicaciones Universitarias, 1984; Ser y persona, Barcelona, Ediciones Universidad de Barcelona, 1982; 2ª ed. expanded: 1983; Persona y modo substancial, Barcelona, Ediciones Universidad de Barcelona, 1983; 2ª ed. expanded: 1984; Introducción a la metafísica, Barcelona, Ediciones Universidad de Barcelona, 1984; 2ª ed. expanded: 1985; El problema de Dios en la metafísica, Barcelona, Promociones y Publicaciones Universitarias, 1986; 2ª ed. expanded: 1987; Dios y el hombre, Barcelona, Ed. Casals, 1987; Catalan translation, 1987; Filosofía del ser. Introducción, comentario, texto y traducción del ‘De ente et essentia’ de Santo Tomás, Barcelona, PPU, 1988; Principios básicos de la bioética, Madrid, Ediciones Palabra, 1990; Lecciones de metafísica, Madrid, Rialp, 1992; La persona humana, en Abelardo Lobato, Eudaldo Forment, Armando Segura, El hombre en cuerpo y alma, Vol. I: Abelardo Lobato (Ed.), El pensamiento de Santo Tomás de Aquino para el hombre de hoy, Valencia, EDICEP, 1994; San Anselmo, Madrid, Ediciones del Orto, 1995; Historia de la filosofía tomista en la España contemporánea, Madrid, Ediciones Encuentro, 1998; Id a Tomás. Principios fundamentales del pensamiento de Santo Tomás, Pamplona, Fundación Gratis Date, 1998; 2ª ed. 2005; Tomás de Aquino. El ente y la esencia, Traducción, estudio preliminar y notas, Pamplona, EUNSA, 2002, 2ª ed., 2006; El personalismo medieval, Valencia, EDICEP, 2002; La filosofía de Santo Tomás de Aquino, Valencia, EDICEP, 2003; Santo Tomás de Aquino. El orden del ser. Antología filosófica, Madrid, Ed. Tecnos (Grupo Anaya), 2003; Filosofía medieval, Madrid, Ediciones Palabra, 2004; Santo Tomás de Aquino. El oficio de sabio, Barcelona, Ed. Ariel (Grupo Planeta), 2007.


Universidad de Barcelona - Facultat de Filosofia
Departamento de Filosofía Teorética y Práctica
Montalegre, 6-8
08001 Barcelona (Spain)


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