Romanus Cessario, O.P.


Date and place of birth: 1 April 1944, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Priestly ordination: 27 May 1971 (Order of Friars Preachers)
Appointment to the Academy: 16 December 1999
Scientific discipline: Systematic Theology
Academic title: Professor 

Academic awards and distinctions
Visiting Professor, Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family; Associate Editor, The Thomist; Editor, Moral Philosophy and Moral Theology Series, Fordham University Press; Rédacteur, Pierre d’angle; Senior Writer, National Catholic Register; Advisory Board, Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas; Ramsey Colloquium, Religion and Public Life Institute; Society of Christian Ethics; American Maritain Association; The International Boethius Society (Charter member); Medieval Academy of America; Catholic Theological Society of America.

Summary of scientific research
The main theme of my research has been in the area of sacramental and moral theology, and on the relationship of the moral life with other truths of Catholic and divine faith. Building on the studies done in the immediate post-conciliar period by my mentor Dominican Father Colman O’Neill, my earliest research (1980s) concentrated on Christian satisfaction, the sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Eucharist. After a period of teaching moral theology, I undertook research on the moral and theological virtues and their pertinence to contemporary issues in Christian ethics. To complement these initiatives, I returned to the Thomist commentatorial tradition and in particular to the anti-nominalist writings of the fifteenth-century Dominican John Capreolus.

Main publications
Christian Satisfaction in Aquinas (Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1982); The Godly Image: Christ and Salvation in Catholic Thought from Anselm to Aquinas, Studies in Historical Theology VI (Petersham, MA: St Bede’s Publications, 1990); Meeting Christ in the Sacraments by Colman E. O’Neill, O.P. and revised by Romanus Cessario O.P. (New York: Alba House, 1991); The Moral Virtues and Theological Ethics (Notre Dame/London: University of Notre Dame Press, 1991); Le Virtù. Volume 19 of Manuali di Teologia Cattolica (AMATECA), Sezione sesta: La persona umana (Milan: Editoriale Jaca Book, 1994), Spanish edition: Las virtudes (Valencia: Edicep, 1998), English edition: Virtues, or the Examined Life (New York: Continuum, 2002); Perpetual Angelus. As the Saints Pray the Rosary (New York: Alba House, 1995); Christian Faith and the Theological Life (Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 1996); A Love That Never Ends. A Key to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. With J.A. DiNoia, B.G. O’Donnell, P.J. Cameron (Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Press, 1996); Jean Capreolus en son temps (1380-1444) (Mémoire Dominicaine, numéro spécial, 1), edited with Guy Bedouelle and Kevin White (Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, 1997); Veritatis Splendor and the Renewal of Moral Theology. Studies by Ten Outstanding Scholars, edited with J.A. DiNoia, O.P. (Chicago: Midwest Theological Forum, 1999); Le thomisme et les thomistes (Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, 1999), English edition: A Short History of Thomism (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2005); John Capreolus (1380-1444): Treatise on the Virtues, edited and Introduction with Kevin White (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2001); Introduction to Moral Theology (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2001); Boston’s Cardinal. Bernard Law, the Man and His Witness, edited with a Biographical Essay by Mary Ann Glendon (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2002). Articles, Book Chapters, etc. ‘Theology at Fribourg’, The Thomist 51 (1987): 325-366; ‘The Meaning of Virtue in Catholic Moral Life: Its Significance for Human Life Issues’, The Thomist 53 (1989): 173-96; ‘Casuistry and Revisionism: Structural Similarities in Method and Content’, in ‘Humanae Vitae’: 20 Anni Dopo. Atti del II Congresso Internazionale di Teologia Morale, Vol. III (Milano: Edizioni Ares, 1990): 385-409; ‘Christian Satisfaction and Sacramental Reconciliation’, Communio 16 (1989): 186-196; ‘Aquinas on Nature and Grace’, in Catholicism and Secularization in America, ed. David L. Schindler (Notre Dame, IN: Communio Books, 1990): 207-10; ‘La tradition thomiste et l’oeuvre de l’Esprit: les dons d’intelligence et de science’, Nova et Vetera 65 (1990): 259-267; ‘Christ and Reconciliation’, Faith & Reason 17 (1991): 15-50; ‘Lacordaire et les États-Unis’, in Lacordaire, son pays, ses amis et la liberté des ordres religieux en France, ed. Guy Bedouelle (Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, 1991): 333-347; ‘A Thomist Interpretation of Faith: The Gifts of Understanding and Knowledge’, in Novitas et Veritas Vitae. Aux Sources du Renouveau de la Morale Chrétienne. Mélanges offerts au Professeur Servais Pinckaers à l’occasion de son 65e anniversaire, ed. Carlos-Josaphat Pinto de Oliveira (Fribourg: Editions Universitaires, 1991): 67-102; ‘Incarnate Wisdom and the Immediacy of Christ’s Salvific Knowledge’, in Problemi teologici alla luce dell’Aquinate (Atti del IX Congresso Tomistico Internazionale). 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