Abelardo Lobato Casado, O.P.


San Pedro de la Viña, Zamora, Spain, 20 January 1925 - Cadiz, Spain, 17 May 2012
Appointment to the Academy: 22 November 1980
Scientific discipline: Philosophy and Theology
Date of appointment as President of the Academy: 25 March 1999

Most important awards, prizes and academies
Friar of the Dominican Order, 15 September, 1942; Priest, 16 April 1949. Academic titles: Lector in Sacra Theologia, Licentia in S. Theologia (Salamanca); Licentia in Philosophia (Rome); Licencia in Filosofia y Letras (Madrid); Doctor in Philosophia (Angelicum‑Roma); Magister in Holy Theology (Dominican Order); Professor of Philosophy: Pont. University Salamanca; Univ. of St Thomas, Rome, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy; Rector of the Faculty of Theology, Lugano, Swizerland; Provincial of Andalucia (Spain); Founder of the Istitute Bartolomé de las Casas, Sevilla; Società Internationale Tommaso d’Aquino (S.I.T.A); Delegate of the Holy See to the Council of Europe for Human Rights; Man of the Year, 1999, the Biographical American Istitute; Premio ‘San Tommaso d’Aquino, 2000’, the Comune d’Aquino.

Summary of scientific research
My studies are directed to three fields: human being, metaphysics, and Saint Thomas Aquinas, in strict connection with each other because anthropoloy must be founded in ontology and ultimately in theology: as Vatican Council II observes: ‘S. Thoma praesertim magistro’.

Main publications
The volume Sanctus Thomas de Aquino, Doctor hodiernae humanitatis, edited by Libreria Editrice Vaticana, in the Collana Studi tomistici, 58, presents my list of publications up to 1994. Afterwards – El pensamiento de Santo Tomás para el hombre de hoy: I. El hombre en cuerpo y alma, Valencia. Edicep, 1994; II, El hombre y Dios, Valencia, 2001; III, (in prep.) El hombre y Jesucristo – Dignidad aventura humana, Salamanca, 1998 – La filosofía de Santo Tomás, Madrid BAC, 2001.


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