Gabriel Ly Chen-Ying


Date and place of birth: 14 October 1929, Tian Jing, China
Appointment to the Academy: 16 December 1999
Scientific discipline: Philosophy
Academic title: Professor 

Academic awards and distinctions
Principal of Tekuang Girls High School (1963-1967); Director of Window Press, Tainan (1967-1970); Professor, Department of Philosphy, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Cheng-chili University, Soochow University Chinese Culture University, Providence University (1972-1999); Secretary General of the Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference (1975-1978); Councillor, the Chinese Philosophy Association (1978-1996); Member of a Committee of the Central Election Commission R.O.C. (1992-1998); Secretary General of Fu Jen Catholic University (1978-1985); Director of the History Institute of the Catholic Church in China (1984-1992); Dean of Academic Affairs, Fu Jen Catholic University (1985-1988); Director of the Gross-Culture Center, Fu Jen Catholic University (1989-1992); President of Fu Jen Catholic University (1992-1996).

Summary of scientific research
In recent years, my research and studies have focused mainly on the comparison between concepts of ‘being’ in Western metaphysics and those of ‘Tao’ in Chinese philosophy. Based upon metaphysics, I have probed the idea of ‘humanism’, an issue which is highly valued and acrimoniously disputed by Chinese philosophers. On the one hand, I have reviewed and criticised modern and contemporary concepts of ‘humanism’, which are largely based upon atheism. In contrast to traditional culture and religious beliefs, ‘man’ has become the sole concern as a result of the impact and influence of contemporary Western concepts of ‘humanism’. On the other hand, I have attempted to establish a system or principle for universal and integrated ‘humanism’ or a ‘humanistic spirit’, which includes the metaphysics of ‘being’ and ‘Tao’, ethics, the philosophy of religion, natural theology, and even the revelation theology of the Catholic Church. I will discuss these issues within the context of the socio-historical background to Chinese culture. The discussions will be collected and printed in the forthcoming book entitled ‘The Universal Humanism and Chinese Society’.

Main publications
Catholic Church and Reality, Taipei, Kuan-chi Press, 1962; Cosmology, Taipei, Commercial Press, 1967; From Existence to Eternity, Taipei, Commercial Press, 1969; Searching for Eternity, Tainan, Window Press, 1970; The Quest of Human Being, Taipei, Wen-Tan Press, 1971; History of Greek Philosophy, Taipei, San Min Press, 1972; The Spiritual World of Fyodor Dostoevski, Taipei, Prophetic Press, 1978; Philosophical Research on the Kosmos, Taipei, Student Book Company, 1978; Collection of Essays on Life, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1981; The Cry of Life, Tainan, Window Press, 1982; Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Metaphysics, 2 vol., Taipei, China Cultural Service Company, 1982; Anxieties and Transcendence, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1985; Man and God Vol. I, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1986; Man and God Vol. II, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1988; Man and God Vol. III, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1990; Chinese Catholic Church in the Storm, Tainan, Window Press, 1978; Perspectives of the Catholic Church on Mainland China: The Religion Policies of the Chinese Communists, Tainan, Window Press, 1984; Chen-Ying, Ly and Lo Yu, The Chronicle from 1945 to 1986: The Chinese Catholic Church of Mainland China, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1986; Studies of Basic Philosophy, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1991; Exchanges Between the Straits, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1992; Religion Makes the Society Even Better, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1993; Man and God Vol. IV, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1994; Volitation with Faith and Love, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1995; Man and God Vol. V, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1995; Man and God Vol. VI, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1997; Embracing Humanity, Rejecting Darkness, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1997; Fides et Ratio: Winging Towards Perfection, Taipei, Fu Jen Press, 1997; Poetry – Searching for Eternity, Taipei, Beans Press, 2000.


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